Oct 19, 2017
JEFFREY SCOTT, Ft. Lauderdale

Have gone out of their way to get everything up and running the right way and have provided me with plenty of ideas on how to improve my website. Service is excellent and LVS has really improved our convention. Nothing goes to waste!

Experience: Great Service
Aug 29, 2017
Jennifer Schneider, Indianapolis

Have been the only car dealership website providers that have expressed in the website what I always wanted. Thank you

Experience: Excellent
Jul 18, 2017
David Fuentes, Nevada

Wanted to have a very different dealer website that did not look so similar to all the other dealers in my city. Got a hold of Cynthia who made sure to personalize my dealer website to a level did not think they were going to be able to do. I am very happy with everything they did and are doing to help out any time I need any type of help. Really want to thank the team for creating the dealer website I really wanted.

Experience: Good
Jul 12, 2017
Dennis Carson, Houston

Had the same website for more then 7 years and needed to improve the overall look of my site. I was told by a dealer friend of mine that carwhizzer.com cold help me and he was not kidding. Very professional service and website.

Experience: Professional
Jul 07, 2017
Mark Tapia, Miami

Simply the best car dealer website I have used. Have increased my leads just like promised and personalized my page with everything I wanted.

Experience: Excellent